Danbro hosts Meet the Makers Networking Event

Danbro hosted a major Meet the Makers networking event last night in the run up to Lytham Festival.  The company’s impressive 250-capacity Green Room, housed in the rotunda of Jubilee House, was the venue for the champagne-and-canapes event, organised by Cuffe & Taylor.

This year’s Lytham festival could potentially boost the Fylde economy by more than £2m and the benefits extend along the Fylde coast and further afield.  The catchment for the audience is now international.

Peter Taylor, co-founder of Cuffe & Taylor, the organisers of the Lytham Festival paid tribute to Danbro for ‘sharing the vision’ and  helping facilitate a bill topped by big names such as Faithless, Fylde coast talent Rae Morris, Scouting for Girls and super group McBusted… among many more.

Danbro’s own community choir,  Danbro Rock Choir, will also perform at the festival in support to Tenors of Rock and share the stage with TOR for a number – as well as return for the traditional crowd pleaser Last Night of the Proms!

Damian Broughton, managing director of Danbro, talked of his own company’s vision for the future – and growth  from a 6’ x 6’ box room in Warton, to the impressive 66,000sq ft Jubilee House today. He also reiterated Danbro’s commitment to the local community.  “There’s a great spirit about Lytham and we’re proud and privileged to work here and  want to play our part in the local community.  When the opportunity to get involved in Lytham Festival, presented itself, we grabbed it with both hands. The festival now has national recognition and being a company that has clients all over the UK, this will help spread the word about the accounting, taxation and financial services that we can offer.”

Damian Broughton, MD, Danbro

Damian Broughton, MD, Danbro

The event also featured a presentation by web specialist and digital marketing agency Bespoke Internet’s managing director Gary Bennion.

A great evening!



A big day…

Today, 19th December 2014, Conlons officially hand over the keys to Jubilee House to Helen and Damian Broughton.

The building looks amazing and we are all very excited about moving into our new offices!

Congratulations to you both from us all at Danbro for this incredible achievement!

19th December 2014 - the keys to the door!

19th December 2014 – the keys to the door!


Taking Shape…

Another month has rapidly gone by and we are still on track at Jubilee House with progress being made both inside and out!  The landscaping is well underway and the carpets have arrived.  The tiling in the coffee shop is also finished and looks fabulous.

Contractors are  now on site 7 days a week and the pressure is mounting with only 10 weeks to go before the building will be occupied!

The countdown begins….

Our Fantastic new Flag!

Conlon Construction is already flying a flag at the Jubilee House site but the honour of designing a special flag for Danbro fell to local children.   Lucy King, six, charmed judges with larger than life birds, bees, butterflies and dog walkers, against the backdrop of Lytham windmill. Jubilee House flag (1)

“The windmill is famous so I included it,” Lucy explained. “And lots of green for grass. Dogs really love Lytham Green so I put In a dog walker and quite a big dog. I have a cat but you don’t see cats on Lytham Green.   “I will look up and see the flag flying and say – I did that.”




Spencer Unsworth, 10, Anya Jackson, 7, Emily Turpie, 10, and Alexandria Matthews, 9, also won praise for colourful creations.

Some more gorgeous designs!

Some more gorgeous designs!

Prizes were presented at school assembly by Helen Broughton, co-founder of Danbro.

Helen, director of people and standards, said: “Lytham Hall Park came up trumps and we had a number of great designs. It took us ages to choose.  The panel chose Lucy’s design because it was fun, bright and clearly depicted Lytham Green life. We want our employees to be part of that life when we move to Jubilee House.

“When you look through the eyes of a child things are much simpler and that perspective can provide the clarity we so often need in our busy lives to help us make the right decisions.  At Danbro we want everyone to have a good balance between home and work, fun and hard graft. For us that flag outside our office depicts the best of both worlds.

“The flag now blows happily outside Jubilee House championing our cause – to make life there great.”

Friends of the Estuary and Charles Sear Visit to Jubilee House

It was a beautiful morning (Wednesday, 14th May) when we headed off to Jubilee House to meet with the children from Charles Saer Primary school from Fleetwood. Armed with our displays boards, shore search, shells, and of course not forgetting Litter Lilly, we set up our stall in one of the large buildings, kindly helped by Conlon. We did not have long to wait before the mini bus arrived with lots of smiling children from various classes and ages all very excited to see what the visit would hold.

We did a talk about Friends of the Estuary, our aims and objectives and the effects of litter on our wild life.  We also looked at the different shells and egg cases we often find on the estuary. Lilly helped with her shopping basket of litter and the children guessed how long the litter would take to degrade in the marine environment.  We also showed them retro litter that had been found on the estuary including an old bottle discovered by Andrea on our joint Danbro litter pick day.

We made the most of the sun shine and headed off to the estuary and down to Lytham windmill and the old life boat house and anchors, followed by a nature walk on the way back. The children were wonderful, collecting litter and egg cases. However, the visit soon came to an end and we waved them back off to school.

Site visit...all those invovled...put your hands up!!

Site visit…all those invovled…put your hands up!!

Thank you to Danbro and Conlon for making the visit possible and for being so accommodating and to the amazing children and teachers from Charles Saer primary school.  We hope you enjoyed the visit as much as we did.

We hope to see you all again on the 25th and 26th May at the “Love our Estuary” open days at the Old Lifeboat House (near the Windmill), Lytham.  See you there!

Friends of the Estuary, Coastal Care Group, Lytham.

Another great coffee meeting…

our thanks to Gordon, site manager, for organising another fabulous coffee morning at Jubilee House last Thursday. Representatives from Conlon, local residents, Friends of the Estuary and Danbro were all there.

As usual it was a very open and interesting forum with a brief presentation by Gordon and Damian, MD of Danbro, highlighting the building developments and changes going forward, with a question and answer session at the end.

Everybody seated!

Everybody seated!

Damian Broughton, MD, Danbro

Damian Broughton, MD, Danbro

Lin, from the breakers, also expressed her thanks (on behalf of the residents) to both Conlon and Danbro for communicating to all parties what was happening, keeping everybody in the loop.

Lin from the Breakers - representing the local residents

Lin from the Breakers – representing the local residents

These open coffee mornings are great with a fabulous turnout…and at the next one there could be a tour of the building.   Contact Gordon at the site if you would like to attend a future meeting.

“Love our Estuary” – Open Days (25th/26th May)

Friends of the Estuary Coastal Care Group working with others to celebrate The River Ribble, Estuary and its Wildlife!


The Old Lifeboat House (next to the Windmill), Lytham

Sunday, 25th and Monday, 26th May 2014

10:30am to 3:30pm

E V E R Y B O D Y    W E L C O M E!

 There will be contributions and displays from:

Friends of the Estuary Coastal Care Group, River Ribble Trust, Futurescape + Crafts, RNLI, Coastguard, Nature Watch, RSPB, Lancs Wildlife Trust, WLT Living Seas, Shark Trust (Monday only),  Sea Watch Foundation & Lancashire Lepidoptera

Supported by Charlie Conlon of Conlon Construction and Danbro

Meet Charlie Conlon...so cool!

Meet Charlie Conlon…so cool!

(also “on site” Open Day at Jubilee House)

Introducing JMC…

On Monday, 10th March, JMC, our new IT Service provider visited Jubilee House.

JMC will be working with Danbro to develop our systems and transfer our IT provision as seamlessly as possible into the new building.  This was their first visit to Jubilee House to get a feel for the project, our vision and what’s involved.

Here they are all appropriately kitted out for the tour of the building (and a lovely sunny day as well!).

From left to right:  Craig (Danbro), Katie (Danbro), Hugh Houlston, Peter Wilson (both JMC), Ed (William Clark), Damian (Danbro).

From left to right: Craig (Danbro), Katie (Danbro), Hugh Houlston, Peter Wilson (both JMC), Ed (William Clark), Damian (Danbro).

Conlon and the Community

Yesterday, (26.02.14) Michael Conlon, Managing Director & Chairman of Conlon Construction Ltd, visited the Jubilee House site to take the opportunity to introduce himself and meet those directly involved or possibly affected by the development.

Michael, together with the site manager, Gordon firstly met representatives of the local residents to listen and address any possible concerns. 

Michael, Gordon and local residents

Michael, Gordon and local residents

Conlon prides itself on being a part of the ‘Considerate Constructors Scheme’ and to this end, the company was grateful to resident, Lin Davies for being interviewed in support of the continued registration of the Jubilee House development in the scheme.

Lin talking to Michael from Conlon Construction

Lin talking to Michael from Conlon Construction

Michael also met Meg Green and Michelle Stannard, of the ‘Friends of the Estuary’, to listen to possible concerns and views and to offer the Company’s support and help in respect of the surrounding local environment. 

Conlon Construction will Sponsor the “Friends of the Estuary” at the up and coming  events “ Love our Estuary”, “Joint Litter Pick” and “Lytham Bloom” and provide the group with embalmed high vis vest and protective gloves.   

Meg and Michelle from "Friends of the Estuary" talking to Michael

Meg and Michelle from “Friends of the Estuary” talking to Michael