Danbro’s strategy for growth continues…

as acclaimed Lancashire ‘deal maker’ Rob Kenmare has been appointed Group Finance Director of Lytham-based Danbro Accounting, one of the fastest growing accountancy service providers in the UK.  The group offer specialist umbrella, accountancy, business and financial services.

Danbro MD Damian Broughton announced his ‘2020 Vision’ shortly after moving into Jubilee House, Lytham, earlier this year.  Mr Broughton explains: “We started our five year plan last year with the intention of getting the company up to £500m turnover; grow our workforce to 300-350 and almost double clients from 8000 to 15,000. “Rob joined us in November 2013 as Group Development Director. He is an adept strategist. He has helped with a key acquisition that has enabled us to have a fully operational London base in addition to our office In the City. “We believe wholeheartedly in the Northern Powerhouse but we must have a presence in the London area to serve the high volume of clients that we have in the southern counties. “Rob helped us secure that. He is a strategic thinker; he makes considered decisions, and has a good sense of perspective.”

Mr Kenmare admits: “Much of my work on strategic development and acquisitions has involved working closely with the financial function so this is a natural progression. We now have some idea of how proposed legislative changes in our market place will affect us and what our response will be. The industry needs to concur on the best way to provide services for recruitment agencies and end users. We will continue to ensure we grow the business, products and services, in the right way for our customers and staff.”

Rob Kenmare - Group Finance Director

Rob Kenmare – Group Finance Director

Mr Kenmare was born in Blackpool and grew up in Fleetwood, where he attended Rossall School before studying economics with accountancy at Loughborough University. He qualified as a chartered accountant with Ernst & Young in 1996. He spent 15 years in merger and acquisitions initially at Ernst & Young and then Moore & Smalley where he became a partner before becoming a director at Barclays Corporate. He’s won Insider Lancashire’s ‘Dealmaker’ award three times and advised a wide range of businesses in and around the North West.

The keen sportsman concludes: “My dream job was professional sportsman – but this is the next best thing. And the dynamic nature of the company means that every day is different.”

Congratulations Rob from us all at Danbro!

Faithless, Pendulum, Danny Howard…night one, Main Stage, off with a bang!

The first night of Lytham Festival 2015 out on the Green was certainly no ‘warm up’. As the late evening sun lit the crowd, Danny Howard got things going before Pendulum upped the stakes, however, it was Faithless who stole the evening with a 15 song set and some impressive pyrotechnics to accompany their crowd pleasing hits.

Photos from the night!



BBC Radio Lancashire interviews Danbro choristers!

Five of the Danbro choristers responded to an 11th hour call to turn up in Lytham Square yesterday (3rd) to be interviewed by John Gillmore of BBC Lancashire. They rushed down to the square during their usual working day ahead of their debut performance with the Tenors of Rock at the Lowther Pavilion.

Check out the interview (from 1.50-1.57pm and 2.10 to 2.15). http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02xr74p

Well done guys!  You all sounded great!

The Danbro Choristers!

The Danbro Choristers!


Being Interviewed!

Being Interviewed!

Danbro hosts Meet the Makers Networking Event

Danbro hosted a major Meet the Makers networking event last night in the run up to Lytham Festival.  The company’s impressive 250-capacity Green Room, housed in the rotunda of Jubilee House, was the venue for the champagne-and-canapes event, organised by Cuffe & Taylor.

This year’s Lytham festival could potentially boost the Fylde economy by more than £2m and the benefits extend along the Fylde coast and further afield.  The catchment for the audience is now international.

Peter Taylor, co-founder of Cuffe & Taylor, the organisers of the Lytham Festival paid tribute to Danbro for ‘sharing the vision’ and  helping facilitate a bill topped by big names such as Faithless, Fylde coast talent Rae Morris, Scouting for Girls and super group McBusted… among many more.

Danbro’s own community choir,  Danbro Rock Choir, will also perform at the festival in support to Tenors of Rock and share the stage with TOR for a number – as well as return for the traditional crowd pleaser Last Night of the Proms!

Damian Broughton, managing director of Danbro, talked of his own company’s vision for the future – and growth  from a 6’ x 6’ box room in Warton, to the impressive 66,000sq ft Jubilee House today. He also reiterated Danbro’s commitment to the local community.  “There’s a great spirit about Lytham and we’re proud and privileged to work here and  want to play our part in the local community.  When the opportunity to get involved in Lytham Festival, presented itself, we grabbed it with both hands. The festival now has national recognition and being a company that has clients all over the UK, this will help spread the word about the accounting, taxation and financial services that we can offer.”

Damian Broughton, MD, Danbro

Damian Broughton, MD, Danbro

The event also featured a presentation by web specialist and digital marketing agency Bespoke Internet’s managing director Gary Bennion.

A great evening!



What a difference 9 weeks makes for Inteb…

The Inteb / BE team with cake on our first day at Jubilee House!

The Inteb / BE team with cake on our first day at Jubilee House!

9 weeks ago the small team at Inteb was working in 4 separate rooms within a business centre, with 3 or 4 of us in each room – some upstairs, some downstairs and each room with a heavy, closed fire door separating us from our workmates. Now, we’re all working in one, light modern space, with new furniture, a staff break-out space, our own meeting rooms, washrooms and kitchen (luxury of luxuries after sharing in a business centre)!

We can walk around and have those ‘water cooler’ moments of spontaneous discussion with colleagues, about work matters or about other things. I feel like I know more about the jobs my colleagues do now and I’m more connected to their successes and challenges. If a new piece of business comes in, the whole room shares it, if someone hits an IT brick wall, a quick shout-out to the room usually flushes out someone who has tackled that before and can help.

Importantly I also know more about my colleagues now as people: One is a Beaver leader; another has a qualification to rescue stranded seals, should she discover any; a third has a serious weakness for Percy Pig sweets!   It’s not that we previously hid these things from each other – it’s just we just never really had the opportunity to discover them!

Then there’s the impact our new location has on everyone who comes to see us.  Suppliers, clients, partners and potential employees alike have all been hugely complimentary about Jubilee House and about the experience of coming here.  Parking is easy, Reception are smiley and efficient, the WIFI and mobile phone reception work (which wasn’t the case where we were before!) the food is great and the location is stunning.  We laugh with our contacts about coming to Inteb for an ice cream at Jubilee House by the seaside – and we’re pleased to be seen as somewhere people want to come and visit (and we’re happy to buy ice creams if that’s what it takes to make people feel good).

Like all growing businesses we’re still grappling with the usual stuff: building the sales pipeline, cash flow; attracting and retaining staff and offering them a career path within a small team  etc.  It’s been a huge commitment for a business of our size to take space at Jubilee House, but we see it as a bold statement of intent, a message that we’re heading for great things.

I think we’re going to need a lot of ice cream!

Julia Westcott, PA to Philip Hargreaves, Inteb

Jubilee House, East Beach, Lytham

A week of fundraising at Danbro…

On hearing of the Nepal Earthquake only a couple of weeks ago and the devastating affect this has had our thoughts turned to how Danbro could help and do whatever we could to support the work Operation Orphan are doing in Nepal.  (Operation Orphan is a charity designed to create a brighter future for orphans and vulnerable children in our world. For many of these children, education, employment and a decent standard of living are simply out of reach – please check out their website for further details www.operation-orphan.org).

With heads together and ideas flowing we decided to start our week of fundraising with the opportunity for everybody to dress down (usually this only happens on a Friday).  Fiona and Jenny put together a sweepstake using characters from animation films and a “spot the ball” competition.  And, of course, a traditional Danbro Bake Sale!

Throughout the week all our wonderful bakers have been gearing up for the Bake Sale on Friday – you would not believe how competitive they are!  Mind you the cakes are fantastic.  Our thanks to Brothers of Charity as well for donating all the money from the sale of their cakes today in the coffee shop.

Too many to choose from !

Too many to choose from !

It’s Friday and Bake day has finally arrived.  Aly has loaded up the trolley ready to take them around the building…although a few of us did sneak in early!  Can definitely recommend them all.  I have never seen so many fabulous gorgeous cakes (I think I tried most of them as well!)!



Operation Orphan have done an amazing job supporting those in need where they can in Nepal and we hope that we’ve helped in some way.  We’ve managed to raise over £500 – so thank you everybody at Danbro for joining in!

Settling in nicely…

It’s been a busy month for Danbro but we’ve settled nicely into Jubilee House and loving it!  It’s a fabulous location with wonderful views.  It was a big move from our four units in Blackpool to one Head Office in Lytham but everything went well and it was business as usual right from the off!

Our new address is Jubilee House, East Beach, Lytham FY8 5FT.

Jubilee House...a fabulous building!

Jubilee House…a fabulous building!