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Demolition (see also gallery below):

18/10/13: Probably my final ‘demolition’ posting as, and as you can see, demolition now completed & site cleared of all associated rubble & debris; next posting will hopefully be under the banner of ‘development’!

25/09/13: Well as you can see, the crushed rubble is still being trucked away; there was more than originally anticipated due to having to remove building foundations to an unexpected depth of 4 meters! As you can also see, all buildings have now been made secure with boarding, following the  stripping out of the interiors.

13/09/13: Still plenty of activity going on! As you can see from the first few pics this morning, a constant stream of trucks are now coming in to remove the crushed rubble – site expected to be cleared of all rubble in the next 14 days. Also, you will see that part of the East Wing has now been taken down, representing the final large piece of demolition to take place on the outside. Inside, after removal of many internal/partition walls (see my last post), clean-up work inside continues with removal of all internal debris through previous windows.

30/08/13: Well as you can see, from the outside the main change now is that all the rubble has been pulverised for transporting away shortly. However, inside is where some major changes have been made in a very short time-scale. As you can clearly see, the rooms on each of the floors have now been knocked into one, with the removal of just about all of the separating walls, creating massive floor spaces for future development.

22/08/13: Just been down to site today with the last 4 pictures showing the rubble grinder preparing the waste for transport. Also note that the final rear section has now been completely taken down. Advised that site should be free of rubble in next 7-10 days – amazing!

15/08/13: Well here’s my first gallery posting for the blog and hope my pictures give you some sense of the scale of this demolition stage. It’s unbelievable how rapidly these guys work and I’m due back again in a few days to photograph the rubble removal & clean-up stage. Took the first picture as it amused me – Andy Rhodes told me where to point my camera though (so I can’t take credit!).


Christian Allen Photography

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