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18/12/14: ‘Handover’ of much of the 2nd & 3rd floor (& some Ground & 1st floor) is due in the next few days which is reflected in the amount of activity to be seen both in and out: the many trade vans on sight have been a common feature of late (pics 1&2); at the rear, the site is now being cleared and tidied (pics 3, 7&8 – workers’ Porta-cabins now leaving!); further tarmac laid for pathways (pics 4&9); welcome signage at front up (pic 5); & exterior lighting going up all around (pic 6). Inside, the beautiful new, main reception desk is no longer under wraps (pics 10-12) and fire alarm system is being checked over (pic 13). Lifts are now functioning (pic 14), computer servers are starting to flicker into life (pic 15) & the sleek, glass stairways and wooden banisters are just about in (pics 16&17). Office furniture now going in, from the many work-stations to the individual office desks (pics 18-21). :)

12/12/14: The darker, Winter morning today helped to show off an almost fully lit internal new office space – which looks very striking (pics 1&2)! :) ‘Hard landscaping’ can now be seen happening all around the outside notably, paving and tarmac being laid (pics 3-5). At rear, pathways now being created, with decorative, low-level, wooden fencing going in (pic 6). External security systems going in (pics 7&8). Inside, work on ground-floor restaurant/cafe (notably, lights & serving bar – pic 9) & canteen (colourful tiling now to be seen – pic 10&11) continues at a pace. Much of the office spaces are now looking ready for desks etc (pics 16&17): glass screens on all levels now frosted (pics 12&13); fixed cupboards going in (pic 14) and staff room areas in & kitted (pic 18). Contemporary, steel balustrades now going in – pic 15. Can be now said that new top-level floor is now up-to-date with other levels (pics 19_21). :)

05/12/14: Well, it’s all looking rather magnificent, as things near completion … at front the perimeter boardings are down, revealing the whole front (pics 1&2). Surroundings are all ready for the tarmac to be laid next week (pics 3-5). The ground floor cafe/restaurant is nearing completion (pics 6&7), with equipment now going in too (pic 8). At the other end, the canteen area is all looking rather good (pics 9-11) with most of the kitchen equipment now in. On levels 1&2, office spaces are now starting to look ready (pics 12-14). The top floor has moved along so quickly in a week, flooring going down & beautiful office spaces now to be seen (pic 15). Rotunda space taking shape (pic 16) & the adjoining balcony area looking good too (pic 17). Executive offices painted & carpets being laid (pics 18&19) – the essential tea making facilities are in (pic 20)!!! :)

28/11/14: The most significant development this week, outside at front and side (West Wing), is the signage is now going up (pics 1-4) :) The old, original tarmac that is still left, around the whole building, is now to be taken up in preparation for the new surface (pic 6). The bar area for the cafe/restaurant is now going in (pic 7) as is the disabled lift (pic 8). At the opposite end of the ground floor, the canteen bar area, along with the associated kitchen equipment, is now going in too (pics 9&10). Ceiling lights, tiles & illuminated fire exit signs etc are now going in (pics 11-13), with much of  the carpeting now done too (pic 14) on all levels – carpeting is even now underway on the ‘new’ top-floor (pic 15). Wooden decking is now in place on balconies too (pic 16).

22/11/14: As previously mentioned, work is now ongoing 7 days per week for the scheduled Xmas completion: exterior work of the West Wing (WW) (pic 1) is nearing completion, with ‘sun shades’ going in above windows & a collection of platforms – looking like something out of War-of-the Worlds!!!! – being used to complete the high-level areas (pic 2). The most noticeable (& striking) development at rear (pic 3) is the glazing that has now gone in, covering the WW ‘external’ staircase (pic 4). A tarmac base is being delivered next week, for front, side (pic 5) & rear – at left of pic 5 you can now see the smoking & bike shed areas that are now going up (pic 6). Inside, prep work is being done in the ground floor (GF) canteen kitchen in anticipation of installation of the equipment (pic 7). Many of the toilets, on all levels are all but complete (pic 8) – even on the new top-level there going in (pic 9). The GF disabled facilities, mentioned last week, have now been kitted out (pic 10). Carpetting on GF (pic 11), 1st (pic 12) & 2nd (pic 13) floors are now well under way – ceiling tiles & lighting will be the next ‘big’ job & will be taking place very soon. Ceiling for GF cafe/restaurant now being fitted (pic 14) & WW hydraulic lift now just about in (pic 15). On the top-floor, the curved rotunda area is being prepared & brought together ready for plastering (pic 16), along with prep work now to be seen for the individual office screens (pic 17) – note the floor electric socket strips that can now be seen on all levels (pic 18) that will go under desk. (Electrics, throughout the development, is well underway and being tested as they go along.) :)


Christian Allen Photography

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  1. Hi there, im a local contract window cleaner who specialises in high level window cleaning using the water fed pole system. Im looking to find out if the cleaning contract will ne up for tender when works are complete. Any information would be greatly appreciated

    • Hi Mike
      Thank you for making contact with us regarding the services you offer. I’m unsure of the situation so I’ve passed your details to our Operations Manager for consideration.
      I am sure she will be in touch.

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