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Demolition (See also Gallery 1 below):

18/10/13: Probably my final ‘demolition’ posting as, and as you can see, demolition now completed & site cleared of all associated rubble & debris; next posting will hopefully be under the banner of ‘development’!

25/09/13: Well as you can see, the crushed rubble is still being trucked away; there was more than originally anticipated due to having to remove building foundations to an unexpected depth of 4 meters! As you can also see, all buildings have now been made secure with boarding, following the  stripping out of the interiors.

13/09/13: Still plenty of activity going on! As you can see from the first few pics this morning, a constant stream of trucks are now coming in to remove the crushed rubble – site expected to be cleared of all rubble in the next 14 days. Also, you will see that part of the East Wing has now been taken down, representing the final large piece of demolition to take place on the outside. Inside, after removal of many internal/partition walls (see my last post), clean-up work inside continues with removal of all internal debris through previous windows.

30/08/13: Well as you can see, from the outside the main change now is that all the rubble has been pulverised for transporting away shortly. However, inside is where some major changes have been made in a very short time-scale. As you can clearly see, the rooms on each of the floors have now been knocked into one, with the removal of just about all of the separating walls, creating massive floor spaces for future development.

22/08/13: Just been down to site today with the last 4 pictures showing the rubble grinder preparing the waste for transport. Also note that the final rear section has now been completely taken down. Advised that site should be free of rubble in next 7-10 days – amazing!

15/08/13: Well here’s my first gallery posting for the blog and hope my pictures give you some sense of the scale of this demolition stage. It’s unbelievable how rapidly these guys work and I’m due back again in a few days to photograph the rubble removal & clean-up stage. Took the first picture as it amused me – Andy Rhodes told me where to point my camera though (so I can’t take credit!).

Development (See also Gallery 2 below):

12/12/14: The darker, Winter morning today helped to show off an almost fully lit internal new office space – which looks very striking (pics 1&2)! :) ‘Hard landscaping’ can now be seen happening all around the outside notably, paving and tarmac being laid (pics 3-5). At rear, pathways now being created, with decorative, low-level, wooden fencing going in (pic 6). External security systems going in (pics 7&8). Inside, work on ground-floor restaurant/cafe (notably, lights & serving bar – pic 9) & canteen (colourful tiling now to be seen – pic 10&11) continues at a pace. Much of the office spaces are now looking ready for desks etc (pics 16&17): glass screens on all levels now frosted (pics 12&13); fixed cupboards going in (pic 14) and staff room areas in & kitted (pic 18). Contemporary, steel balustrades now going in – pic 15. Can be now said that new top-level floor is now up-to-date with other levels (pics 19_21). :)

05/12/14: Well, it’s all looking rather magnificent, as things near completion … at front the perimeter boardings are down, revealing the whole front (pics 1&2). Surroundings are all ready for the tarmac to be laid next week (pics 3-5). The ground floor cafe/restaurant is nearing completion (pics 6&7), with equipment now going in too (pic 8). At the other end, the canteen area is all looking rather good (pics 9-11) with most of the kitchen equipment now in. On levels 1&2, office spaces are now starting to look ready (pics 12-14). The top floor has moved along so quickly in a week, flooring going down & beautiful office spaces now to be seen (pic 15). Rotunda space taking shape (pic 16) & the adjoining balcony area looking good too (pic 17). Executive offices painted & carpets being laid (pics 18&19) – the essential tea making facilities are in (pic 20)!!! :)

28/11/14: The most significant development this week, outside at front and side (West Wing), is the signage is now going up (pics 1-4) :) The old, original tarmac that is still left, around the whole building, is now to be taken up in preparation for the new surface (pic 6). The bar area for the cafe/restaurant is now going in (pic 7) as is the disabled lift (pic 8). At the opposite end of the ground floor, the canteen bar area, along with the associated kitchen equipment, is now going in too (pics 9&10). Ceiling lights, tiles & illuminated fire exit signs etc are now going in (pics 11-13), with much of the carpeting now done too (pic 14) on all levels – carpeting is even now underway on the ‘new’ top-floor (pic 15). Wooden decking is now in place on balconies too (pic 16).

22/11/14: As previously mentioned, work is now ongoing 7 days per week for the scheduled Xmas completion: exterior work of the West Wing (WW) (pic 1) is nearing completion, with ‘sun shades’ going in above windows & a collection of platforms – looking like something out of War-of-the Worlds!!!! – being used to complete the high-level areas (pic 2). The most noticeable (& striking) development at rear (pic 3) is the glazing that has now gone in, covering the WW ‘external’ staircase (pic 4). A tarmac base is being delivered next week, for front, side (pic 5) & rear – at left of pic 5 you can now see the smoking & bike shed areas that are now going up (pic 6). Inside, prep work is being done in the ground floor (GF) canteen kitchen in anticipation of installation of the equipment (pic 7). Many of the toilets, on all levels are all but complete (pic 8) – even on the new top-level there going in (pic 9). The GF disabled facilities, mentioned last week, have now been kitted out (pic 10). Carpetting on GF (pic 11), 1st (pic 12) & 2nd (pic 13) floors are now well under way – ceiling tiles & lighting will be the next ‘big’ job & will be taking place very soon. Ceiling for GF cafe/restaurant now being fitted (pic 14) & WW hydraulic lift now just about in (pic 15). On the top-floor, the curved rotunda area is being prepared & brought together ready for plastering (pic 16), along with prep work now to be seen for the individual office screens (pic 17) – note the floor electric socket strips that can now be seen on all levels (pic 18) that will go under desk. (Electrics, throughout the development, is well underway and being tested as they go along.) :)

17/11/14: Much of the building’s exterior is now starting to look all but complete (pic 1). From the East side: I’ve put another shot of the East Wing (EW) corner, feature window (pic 2) as the ‘trimmings are now in & looks rather good …; and new wooden fencing, along the EW, is now going up (pic 3). If we now go through the main entrance (pic 4), we can see that the main auto doors are now fixed in properly (pic 5) and a gleaming, white reception desk is now in place even if still under wraps (pic 6)! The exterior of the West Wing (WW) is looking great too (pic 7), with much of the tiling and glazing now complete (pics 8&9). At rear, work on the WW staircase continues (pic 10), with the last of the ‘trimmings’ being sorted over the rooftop to join those clean lines at rear & front (pic 11). Inside, carpeting is now going down on the ground floor & IT wiring is going in each of the offices (pic12). Door fittings are on (pic 13) and a state-of-the-art, ground floor (GF), disabled ‘wet’ area progresses (pic 14). Many switches are now wired in (pic 15) – installing the electrics, in such a large development just amazes me – look up and wires are to be seen every where (pic 16)!!!! The main, GF, IT server room is now being wired up (pic 17) – the other floors will each have a ‘sub-server’ room (pic 18) that will be linked to this one. The main lift areas are now looking almost finished, with surrounding plasterwork being done (pic 19). Installation work on the WW hydraulic lift continues (pics 20&21) – work on a disabled lift is to commence shortly too. Work continues at a pace on the 3rd floor: glass office areas going in (pic 22); electrics being installed (pic 23); paintwork well underway (pic 24). :)

06/11/14: With a Xmas handover on the horizon things continue at a pace: externally, at front much is completed with roof ‘trimmings’ now finished (pic 1), with ‘hard’ landscaping continuing, not only at front (pic 2) but also side & rear. At West wing (WW) side, much of the main staircase glazing is in (pics 3&4). At rear, pic 5), work on WW fire staircase means that supports for its cladding etc can now be seen going up (pic 6) and sun-screens can be seen going up above the windows (pic 7). Inside, main entrance tiling is now complete (pic 8) and vinyl floor laying has started and quickly progressing around the ground floor starting from the East wing (pics 9&10) – preparation of the floors on levels 1&2 is nearly complete for vinyl laying too (pic 11). All doors & ‘hardware” now in re. main lifts, with only final wiring now required (pic 12); the smaller, WW lift shaft is now being worked on (pic 13). Walking around now, much can be seen to be done with many doors now hung and electrical sockets and plumbing in (pics 14&15). Computer server casings are now on site! Top-level appears to have the most workers on, with electrics especially getting pushed along (pic 17) with all the various office spaces receiving much attention. :)

31/10/14: This week, walking around the outside of the development (pics 1-3) there are some obvious significant developments, notably: the front East wing feature window surround is now completed (pic 4); curbing continues with it now moving around to rear (pic 5); scaffolding outside of West wing main staircase is now removed, revealing large, new red terracotta tiled area (pic 6); work on West wing external staircase is properly commencing (pics 7-9); and previously mentioned housing around the East wing roof-top ‘power-plant’ has started (pic 9). Inside, all matters electrical continues at a pace – pic 10 show one of the 4 junction boxes that feeds just the ground floor! The main twin lifts are now in: on top floor sliding doors are in (pic 11); and, both actual lifts are now in (pics 12&13). Beautiful, high-spec, slate tiling is now being laid in main entrance (pic 14). Big push is taking place on top floor, with final paint coatings now to be seen (pic 15) following the plasters as they work around (pic16)! :)

24/10/14: With so much happening on site now, I’ll update on just the most salient points. Always worth starting with some pics of around the exterior (pics 1-3)! Pic 4 shows terracotta tiling now being wrapped right around West Wing with an external entrance door to the restaurant/cafe area now in place too (pic 5). A man (the site engineer actually!) with a theodolite (pic 6) provides the accurate groundwork necessary for all the drainage/paving edgings etc now going in – pics 7&8. With official handover scheduled for 8 weeks, priority is now being given to the electrics (pics 9-11) which has to be certified first very shortly & all plumbing which has to be flushed & tested (pic 12 shows one of the staff kitchenette areas). At the main entrance, reception area, the framework to house the large glass screen is in (pic 13) as is the dramatic, slate reception feature wall that has been skilfully built in (pics 14&15).Many areas have now received their final paint coating (pic 16). Scaffolding in the main lift shafts is now to come out, following completion of lift rails (pic 17) & motors (pic 18), with the actual lift bodies starting to be fitted next week. A major steel staircase, on the 3rd level, is now in place (pic 19) that provides access to the main plant machinery on the roof (pic 20) – this machinery is all to be covered to blend in. Plastering is now well underway on the 3rd level too (pic 21). :)

17/10/14: Much of the external tiling at front and rear is now almost done (pics 1&3), with the West wing side coming on quickly (pic 2) and the roof-top tiling wrapping to be completed over next few days (pic 4). At front, landscaping has started (pics 5&6) and main entrance auto-door frame is now in place (pic 7). On the ground floor, walls are painted (pic 8), light fitting are now going in (pic 9) & toilet fittings are in (pics 10&11). Cafe/restaurant floor tiling has started – pic 12. On 2nd floor level, glass office cubicles are going in (pic 13), bringing progress here inline with the 1st floor. Progress on the 3rd level is happening at a pace: plastering has started (pic 14) & door frames are going in (pic 15). :)

10/10/14: It really doesn’t take too much imagination now to see how it’s all going to look when finished with much of the major external work taken place (pics 1-6) – final ‘wrapping’ round off the large roofing expanse is taking place (pic 3) & the big push of the external parts of the West Wing section are really adding to the overall appearance of the development (pics 4-6). The main entrance at front is to have 2 ‘open’ doors (pics 7&8) that will lead to a a large auto-sliding door – you can see where this will go i.e. in the foreground of these two photos. Preparation of flooring continues (pic 9) with vinyl laying expected to start next week. Large push now taking place on 1st floor (pics 10-12) & 2nd Floor (pics 13&14) showing the contemporary & ‘clean’ lines of the new glass screened office areas going in – every office space seems to have at least 1 workman in now, when I pop my head in, busily doing their bit! On top, 3rd Floor, work continues at a pace: window areas now getting boxed (pic 15); main staircase taking shape (pic 16); & executive offices progressing, together with connected balconies (pics 17&18). :)

03/10/14: Externally, the final appearance of the development is now clearly to be seen (pics 1-3): previously mentioned, raised white East Wing corner window surround now taking shape (pic 4 – notice geese flying South!!!); main front entrance tiling (pic 5) & windows (pic 6) now all but complete – notice main two entrance doorways are now visible. Big push now being made on West Wing. ground floor staff restaurant area (pics 7-10) – just talking a matter of a few weeks here. Floors now being damp proofed & skimmed, ready for imminent arrival of the vinyl flooring – the dark area in the foreground of pic 11 shows part of the damp proofing laid under the flooring. Doors now starting to be hung (pic 12), on levels 1&2, office spaces are now going in (pic 13) & director’s office walls (level 3) are now up (pic 14). Finally, lift specialists are now on site with main lift rails now going in – pic 15 shows one (the main dark rail just right of centre – not an easy pic to take!). :)

26/09/14: So much happening – let’s start by taking a tour around the outside … End of the West Wing face is now complete (pics 1&2) – no windows here as of course this will have the ‘Phase 2′ apartments development attached in due course (pic 10 of artist’s impression will help you visualise here). Twin lift shaft housing nearly tiled & looking great (pic 3). Previously mentioned, ground water harvesting tank going in now (pic 4). At front (pic 5) things are really taking shape with tiling above main entrance well underway (pic 6) as is that on the East Wing (pic7). If you look carefully at pic 7 you will see the support framework going on for the raised, decorative, white corner windows surround – pic 8 shows the original artist’s impression to help you visualise this. Much is also happening on the West Wing side (pic 9) & again the original artist’s impression here makes it all the clearer on what’s going on (pic 10). Moving inside, floor damp proofing is very shortly to start, after which vinyl will be laid (pic 11). Ground floor kitchen equipment starting to be installed (pic 12) & wiring in the main server room (pic 13) is ready – where do you start here?!!! Doors are now ready to be hung (pic 14) and ground floor staff restaurant is now being concentrated on (pic 15). Floors 1&2 are now being concentrated on (pic 16 shows offices spaces being prepared for partitions/glass screens. The old staircase (pic 17) in the next few days is going to be ‘mocked-up’ (for approval), showing the new balustrade etc. Lift shafts (pics 18&19) are now ready to receive the lift parts which are coming in next week – a complex operation that will take a few weeks to complete. Within next few weeks the ‘new’ 3rd floor should be wind proof & water tight (pics 20&21) – the steelwork in the foreground of pic 20 is for the main staircase to this level. Pic 22 shows a balcony attached to one of the executive offices. Apologies about the length of the blog this week but a lot going on!!! :)

19/09/14: Whilst interior work continues at a rapid pace – wiring work has now been stepped up (pic 2) & much of the ceiling tile frameworks are now in place (pic 1) – I’m going to concentrate on the external features this week as significant developments can be seen. The West Wing (WW) shows changes in the last week: tiling is completed at the sea-facing end (pics 3&4); at the other end of the WW (roadside corner end), what were large areas of space are now filled & glazing can now be seen (pic 5); the Rotunda glazing is all but in (pics 6&7); and in the coming week significant work on the staff restaurant will be seen taking place (pic 8). At the main entrance, glazing framework is now in place (pic 9) & even the back-mount for Danbro’s company logo is in place (the metal sheeting area that can be seen – pic 10 shows)! Some of the finished, clean lines are now to be seen such as, dark roofing edgings (pic 11) & the dark window frames (pic 12), revealing what the final development will be like – pics 13&14 are always helpful here too! External tiling continues in various spots: East Wing (pic 15) & twin lift shafts at rear (pic 16). Finally, I thought I’d finish with a view from the 3rd Floor of the WW (pic 17) – not only does it show the wonderful view that will be available from the directors’ offices but also how full the site workers’ car-park has now become, showing just how busy the site now is! :)

12/09/14: There are now over a hundred workers, representing every trade area, now on site & the final appearance of the development is not hard to imagine (pic 1). External tiling continues in various areas: new rear twin list shafts (pic 2); East wing end (pic 3); & at main entrance at front (pic 4). The large hole, to house the massive rainwater collection tank (pic 6), has now been excavated (pic 5) – the water collected will be used for flushing toilets etc :) Many of the trade workers mentioned are to be now seen inside, with significant changes now to be seen on a weekly basis – for example, on the ground floor: glass screening now going in (pic 7); many of the frames for ceiling tiles now in place (pic 8); window areas now boxed in (pic 8); and skirtings going in in the corridors & office spaces (pics 9&10). Much of the work on the ground level will be completed soon and so more activity is now to be seen on the 1st & 2nd floors too (pics 11&12). Flooring is mostly laid on the top level now with preparation for the rotunda glazing continuing (pic 13) & anticipated work has now spread into the West wing area too (pic 14) – notice the new internal lift shaft being built on right of pic. :)

05/09/14: The back of the development this week instantly reveals a very busy week’s work having taken place (pic 1): most obviously, the steelwork for the external staircase is now up (pic 2); & windows are now fully installed into the twin lift shafts (pics 3&4). The gap at top of the West Wing (WW) end (pic 5) is to be closed up next week, making ready for work to start on this section of the top-level flooring & interior. High-level windows can now be seen going in on the WW that faces the Green (pic6). Inside, different jobs are starting all the time, this week: light fittings are going in (pic 7); frames for suspended ceilings being installed (pic 8); and top-level balcony work can now be seen taking place – pics 10&11. The glass in the screens is starting to go in next week (pic 9). At front, the newly installed top-level glazing is now just about all in (pics 12&13), with the ‘Rotunda’ curved glazing (i.e. the right, front top corner – see pic 13) due in as I type this! :)

29/08/14: A wet & gloomy Friday morning greeted me (pic 1) but hey, the metaphorical sun continues to shine on the development! The new twin lifts hafts continues to be a busy area with the frames/glazing now being fitted up the centre area (pics 2&3). Shiny, new facia can start to be seen going along the top of the building (pic 4) – this is actually the base of the final, darker facia that will be seen & a small sample of this can now actually be seen at front – pic 5. Inside, floor tiling is down (pics 6&7 – note a protective film covers at present), separating office screening is going up (pics 8&9) & the conduits for IT wiring etc are being put into each office space (pic 10). Previously mentioned new laid flooring has been mostly now screed (pics 11-13). Partition walling is now going up on the new 3rd floor (pics 14&15) with focus on this level to now move on to the new space above the WestWing next week (i.e. the area to the left in pic 16). Put in an outside pic of the WestWing (17) so you can visualise better! :)

22/08/14: Work at rear continues at a pace (pic1): external terracotta tiling continues it’s journey around the West Wing (WW) pic 2; window installation of the WW, facing Lytham Green nears completion (pic3); and external coverings are now going on the new twin list shafts (pic 4). Concrete is now being poured into the building to form the new floor extensions in various places (pic 5). Pic 6 shows it being pumped onto the 2nd floor for one of the new lift floor exits. Pics 7&8 show the now cut out concrete walls (mentioned last week), that will house new windows at the end of the newly created extended floor space (that also awaits the concrete! Pic 9, of the front of the development, shows you clearly the area we’re talking about here i.e. the left-of-centre steelwork area (that will form part of the new entrance). Pic 9 also shows some of the completed window frames – pic 10 has a closeup. Inside, work also continues – more shower cubicles tiled (pic 12) & big push on the new floor level (pic 11) etc. Finally, a couple of pictures of the new balconies installed on floors 2&3 and to remind of the spectacular views that are to come with them – pics 13&14! :)

15/08/14: Even from the full rear view (pic 1), some of the week’s developments are clear to see: the twin list shafts now have steel braces in place (pic2) – pic 3 also reveals the list shafts’ internal completed brickwork to show the exit door spaces for each of the levels too; West Wing (WW) tiling at the end point nears completion as is the installation of the windows (pic 4). Pic 5 is an interesting picture (thanks Gordon for the suggestion!) as it clearly shows the different external ‘layers’ that envelope the whole development – incidentally, the reason why this WW section is being left at present is because this is where the new external staircase is to be fitted. Work on the new top-level floor continues at a pace (pics 6&7) – pic 6 also shows new lift exit point at left!). Pic 8 shows the new walk-out balcony for views over Lytham Green & pic 9 shows the space for a large new window, for spectacular views in the new conference room! On each of the lower levels, large slabs of concrete are now being cut out (pic 10 is an example) at front to spread and increase floor & window area to within the new erected steelwork over the main front entrance – hope that makes sense?! Work on 2nd floor is now being stepped up to bring inline with other floors (pic 11). Base-coat emulsion can now be seen on many of the new walls too (pics 12&13) and radiators are now being installed – pic 14. High-spec tiling is now to be seen going in, as are new shower basins, in what will be the new gymnasium area (pics 15&16). It can be said, internally things are starting to take-off!!! :)

07/08/14: As is the case at the moment, most of the external work can be viewed from the rear (pic 1): West Wing (WW) tiling continues (pic 2) – top-level windows for the WW (facing the Green) are due in next week too; twin lift shafts’ brickwork completed, with scaffolding to come down next week (pic 3) – incidentally, actual lift mechanisms are expected to be in place mid-September. On the roof, permanent safety railings are now in place surrounding the new air-con plant equipment (pics 4&5). Roofing has now been completed all around (pics 6 – 9). (Pics 8&9 also help to give you an idea of some of the views that will be eventually available from the office windows!) Inside, on all levels, boxing work continues up columns, under windows etc (pic 10) – painters have arrived today too, to prime walls (for internal tiling that is due to start next week!) and put on base-coats for future decorating. Much concentrated work can now be seen taking place on the new 3rd Floor to bring it alongside the lower levels (pics 11-13). :)

01/08/14: I know I keep saying it but wow so much happens each week; even on very wet days – well there is 80+ soggy workers presently on site! Anyway, at rear (pic 1) significant new developments can seen: at the end of the West Wing (WW), terracotta tiling is now going on (pics 2&3); another level to the lift shafts has been completed (pic 4); and external tiling on the East Wing (EW) is all but completed (pic 5). The large crane was brought back this week to hoist up the large power-plants onto the roof for the air-con etc – pic 6 shows these units peeping out over the top of the EW! The final new roofing is expected to meet up the existing and be completed next week – pics 7&8. On the Lytham Green side of the WW the final significant steelwork is now in place (pic 9), with external tiling and insulation now also to be seen on this side too (pic 10). Inside, things are happening at the same pace: plastering is completed in many areas (pic 11) meaning that floor skirting is now going to start next week; wood framing, for the many, many doors has started (pics 12&13); and the enclosing boxes for the under-window heating units is progressing well (pic 14). The new 3rd floor is now having it’s internal walls put up and pictures clearly show the newly installed top-level windows (pics 15&16). :)

28/07/14: Today the main focus has been on the external developments – as so much can be seen there! At rear, new top-level windows continue to go in at a pace, with the stunning new white tiling now being put in too (pics 1-4). More steelwork has gone into the lift-shafts, along with more brickwork in last 7 days. Also, right at the top here, new cement boarding can be seen – this will take more of the decorative tiling in due course (all this can be seen in pic5). Much of the new roofing is now in place (pics 1,6&7) with only the West Wing remaining to have its roof put on and this is expected on in next 7 days. (Pic 7 also clearly shows the new water drain pipes that collect & channel the water right through the building – clever stuff!) At front, cement board can now be seen being put up on the the main entrance structure – this will be the background for more terracotta tiling (pics 9,10&11). The steelwork on the ‘rotunda’ has increased in complexity and looks fantastic – pic 8 shows this off nicely! :)

18/07/14: The most significant development this week is the arrival and erection of the final steel that forms the ‘rotunda’ corner (pics 1,2&3). At rear (pic 4), the twin lift shafts continue to go ‘up’ (& up!) pic 5 and the terracotta tiling has now commenced on the East Wing (pic 6). On the new top level, flooring is now going down (pics 7&8). Inside, more ‘behind the scene’ work continues with the new (& impressive if you like that sort of thing?!) piping, for the heated water system, is now in (pic 9). Much of the plastering is now complete (pic 10), the boxing of the under-window heating units continues (pic 11) and the water drain-pipes (these channel the water from the roof) are now in place (pic 12).

11/07/14: As always, everything is happening at such a pace – just amazing! At rear (pic 1), top-level windows continue to go in (pic 2) and work on the twin lift shafts progresses (pics 5&6). More steel work can be seen to have gone up in the last week on the West Wing, although the expected steel for the previously mentioned ‘rotunda’ has been slightly delayed (due to it’s complexity) – the gap where this is to go shortly can now be clearly seen (pics 3&4). Further to the electric mains cable being laid last week, the massive mains unit (pic 7) is now installed and ready for connection in due course. More glazing installed on far East-Wing side – pic 8. Inside, the under-window heating units are now being boxed in (pic 9) – looking good! :) Electrical wiring is everywhere (pic 10), as is IT cabling (pic 11)! How they sort all this wiring out is just beyond me!!!! On the top of the building (i.e. the new level), flooring is starting to be laid – pic 12 – notice also the large red water piping above (it’s everywhere!). Roof drain downpipes are now going in – channeled through the actual building itself – pic 13 to the left shows one. Finally, Danbro & in conjunction with Conlon have added a bit of colour to the front with some hanging baskets re. ‘Lytham in Bloom’ – see our blogs homepage too! :)

03/07/14: At rear (pic 1), there are a number of significant points this week. At the end of the West Wing, insulation & membrane is now in place and ready for the cladding (pic 2). Pic 1 also shows the steel ‘gap’ on top (where the West Wing & North Wing join) – pic 3 also shows this from the top – and the final steel delivery for this is expected early next week. This is a more complex part to complete as it represents the curved, on-top rotunda – see my rather dodgy(!) copy of the original artist’s impression of the final development to visualise better – pic 4. The building of the rear lift shafts are now underway (pics 5&6) and also some of the high-level glazing is now going in – pic 7. On the East Wing, the main electric cable has now been laid – pics 8&9. (Pic 8 also shows the new brick boiler entrance.) Plastering is now well underway inside, on all levels – pics 10&11. The boxings, that will enclose the under-window heating units, are now being made – pic 12.

26/06/14: Work on the previously mentioned twin lift pits at rear continues (pic 3). On the East Wing, work is now underway regarding the main chimney that is to be the flu outlet for the various heating/ventilation systems (pic 4). The glazing in the final side of the development (West Wing) is now going in – pic 5. Also, on the West Wing (near the road side), holes have been opened up (pic 6) in preparation for the large corner glass pieces that will go in – this is part of the new glazing for the restaurant/cafe area. The site engineer (pic 7) was busy inside this area this morning, marking out exact curved lines that the builders will follow to help make this a beautiful space to eat & drink in in due course :). Plastering has now started on all floors! (Pics 8-10 shows examples.) Also, we’re now seeing a splash of paint inside with emulsion being used to seal the breeze blocks to ensure that brick dust is kept away from the under-window installed heating units (pics 11 & 12). Let’s finish with an interesting stat! The site, especially at the rear (pics 1 & 2) is now reflecting a very busy work place indeed and at my visit this morning, there were around 60 workmen on site, with this expected to rise to around 100 in the near future!

20/06/14: At rear (pic 1aa), the end of the West Wing (WW) is having its windows bricked up re. previously mentioned ‘Phase 2′ (pic 2aa). Bricklayers also presently at work on the twin lift housing (pic 3aa) – 8 bricklayers busy on site at present! The ‘decorative’ window framing is now to be seen at rear too (grey) – pic 4aa. Staircase window framing is now being cladded and made watertight (pic 6aa). At side of WW, old concrete canopy now been removed (pic 7aa). Inside, the curved walling for the eventual new ground floor cafe/restaurant has been erected (pics 8aa – 10aa). Also, in the past week, large amounts of electrical cable has been put in, along with more electrical conduits (pics 11aa – 13aa) – how they work it all out is just amazing!!! 😉 Also, large ventilation shafts are now starting to go in, running between the floors (pic 14aa). Outside at front, the tiling continues (pics 15aa & 16aa).

13/06/14: Development continues at a pace with 3rd floor roofing/insulation/glazing & window frames seen to ‘spread’ further around the rear of the development (pics 1z/2z). Substantial concrete blocks have just been laid re. the twin lift shafts (pics 3z/4z). Previously mentioned old foundation has now been removed re. prep for eventual ‘Phase 2′ of the development (pic 5z). Inside and in certain lower areas, damp-proofing work is now taking place (pic 6z). Old concrete canopy at Lytham Green side is being removed (pic 7z). The space created from the removal last week of the old staircase window frames has now been replaced by a new unit (see pic 8z at left). At front, terracotta tiling continues (pics 9z-12z) and the first window on the new level floor has just been installed too! (pic 10z) :)

06/06/14: For me, my visit this week has seen the most significant changes since my last visit – hence more photos than usual! At rear, the most obvious change is the erection of new steelwork on the top of the West Wing (WW). Also, window installation continues at a rapid pace, moving round also onto the WW – see pics 1y – 4y. Further prep work on the twin lifts (pic 5y) continues with the cement/steel work now in place (pic 6y) ready to receive the lifts’ main parts shortly. Also, at the end of the WW (pic 7y), some of the old cement foundation is now being cut-out (pic 8y) and removed in preparation for the possible apartment development later on – it is easier to access and do this foundation preparation now at this stage of the ‘1st Phase’ of the development. At front, the terracotta tiling is now being put on – and doesn’t it look fantastic! (See pics 9y – 14y.) At front and at side, old staircase windows have been removed (pic 15y) ready to now receive new large glazing. Also, on the WW’s green side, the last of the old windows for the whole of the development have now been removed – pic 16y. Inside, walls continue to go up (pic 17y), including feature walls (pic 18y) :) Plumbing now going in (pic 19y). Also, we shouldn’t forget to look up sometimes as, on all the floors, large amounts of water and heating piping are now in place along with caging ready to receive the miles of electric cable in due course (pic 20y)!

29/05/14: On arrival this morning, got rather excited – there was a 70 ton crane on site (pic 1x)! This is to be used to lift metal sheeting onto the new roof along with the further steel that is due imminently. Had to get a pic of the crane itself too and really my photograph doesn’t do it justice as to the sheer size but you get the idea I’m sure …?! (pic 2x). Inside and especially on the ground level, the new office space is really taking shape, with the new rooms shooting off the long corridors (pics 3x/4x). You might be excused for thinking pic 5x is such a boring picture but it shows an example of the new piping put in throughout, ready for the plumbers to instal the new toilet facilities – now expected on site next week. At front, the grey edgings on the new windows is in place and ready to allow the commencement shortly of the terracotta tiling (these can be seen on the pallet blocks in the foreground) which will totally transform the outside look (pic 6x). On the top, further roofing has been put on since last week (pic 7x) 😉

23/05/14: Steelwork continues to work around Northward along the top of the development, with windows installation continuing at a pace – pics 1w/2w. (Another large delivery of steel expected this coming week!) At front, the ‘decorative’ window framing is starting to be put in (pics 3w/4w show the new grey framing) in anticipation of the terrocota tiling that will be put on in due course. On the West Wing, outer wall bricks have been completely removed in preperation of the new windows that are to continue around here too (pic 5w). Steelwork continues to be a main feature at front (pics 6w/7w/8w). Inside, office spaces continue to be created (pic 9w) with it now having progressed all the way round to the West Wing too now (pic 10w). Plumbers coming in next week to start putting in the toilet facilities! 😉

15/05/14: At rear, rooftop steelwork continues – the expected commencement of new steelwork for the Northwest part of the new 3rd Floor is now to start next week (steel delivery was delayed). Removal of all windows has now taken place & new windows/glazing continues (pics 1v/2v). From front, the centre steelwork (that will support the new entrance/lift shafts/new 3rd Floor) continues to be worked on (pic 3v). Inside, the feel of an office environment is starting to be felt through the corridors now starting to be formed (pic 4v). A basic mock office space has been created to help visualise (pic 5v). 1st & 2nd floor work also continues at a pace (pic 6v). With the partition walling now going in it is possible to get a feel of the large space that will be the main reception area (pic 7v) – that old civil service reception area seems so long ago …! (pic 8v) 😉

08/05/14: Most significant changes this week are to be seen from the rear (pic 1u): steelwork for the twin lift shafts is now in place (pics 2u & 3u) and window/glazing installation continues at a pace (pics 2u & 4u). At side, window/glazing also continues (pic 5u). Inside, at ground level (pics 6u & 7u), 1st floor (pics 8u & 9u) and 2nd floor (pic 10u) partition walling & electrical installation continues, with many of the under-window heating units now in place (pic 9u). On the roof (i.e. the new, to be 3rd floor!), the full extent of the new steelwork can be appreciated (pic 11u). Note, next week more steel arrives for continuation of the roof steelwork over the central block at the North West end – i.e. to the left of the new lift shaft steelwork – (see pic 1u). :)

02/05/14: As always, development moves at a pace! :) Windows/glazing has now moved around to the side & rear (pics 1t, 2t, 3t & 13t) with all windows scheduled to be in place within a few weeks. Inside, internal walling is now being built on all existing levels: ground, 1st & 2nd floors (pics 4t, 5t & 6t respectively) with even electric points now being installed (pic7t). Also, under-window, heating units are now being installed (pics 8t & 9t). At front and with the erection in the last week of the front entrance steelwork (pic 12t), the impressive shape of the new building can really start to be appreciated (pics 10t & 11t). *** Incidentally, main contractors, Conlon had a ‘surprise’ (always unannounced!!!) visit from HM Inspector of Health & Safety yesterday and passed with flying colours! :) ***

25/04/14: Wow – what a difference a week makes!!! The new roof is starting to be put on the new floor level already and also, windows are now being removed at side (pic 8s) and at rear in anticipation of the new windows/glazing fitting in the coming few weeks (pics 1s & 2s). The interior is now going to be rapidly transformed with the partitioning walls now being fitted as can be seen on the ground level – pics 3s & 4s. Outside at front and as anticipated the windows/glazing are now just about all the way along (pics 5s-9s). More steel arrives (pic 10s) – this batch is for two new exterior stairwells!

17/04/14: Exterior at rear, steelwork continues on top with new safety railings also now to be seen (these will have netting also attached), that will go all around the perimeter of the top level (pics 1r & 2r). Inside and now that floorings are now completed, partition walling is now starting to be built (pics 3r & 4r). At front, installation of glazing continues and is now expected to be mostly put in at front, by the end of the coming week (pics 5r – 9r). Demolition of the central roof tower continues (pic 7r).

11/04/14: Development continues at a pace! At rear, pics 1q, 2q & 3q clearly show the rapid erection of the steelwork for the new 3rd Level. Pic 2q also shows that the new lift shaft (left of centre on top) is now ready for the steelwork to be dropped into that will be delivered in the coming week. Inside (pic 4q) shows the laying of the latex flooring, representing the final stage for preparing the flooring, meaning that work will be able to commence on the new inner walls etc in due course. Outside at front (pics 5q, 6q, 7q & 8q), the glass installation is now well underway, already transforming the front and giving a tantalising glimpse of what the final front is to be transformed into! :) By the end of the coming week the whole of the front is expected to be totally glazed!

04/04/14: At rear, steelwork on top continues, with more steel to be delivered and by the end of next week, work is expected to have stretched round to the half-way point on the North Wing (pics 1p & 2p). Inside all screening now complete on all levels (pic 3p) with the laying of the final latex surfacing due to take place shortly. Inside the extensive installation of electrical wiring continues. At front, window frames continue to go in with insulation now to be seen being installed too (pics 4p,5p & 6p). Glass is now starting to be delivered and anticipation of it being put in in the very short-term.

28/03/14: Outside at front, previously mentioned fitting of cladding rails/window angles/membranes nears completion (pic 1n), with the first of the new window frames now in place (pics 2n/3n)! Over the course of the next 2 weeks much of the window framing at the front will be completed, with commencement of the actual window glazing starting next week too – it is hoped to be air and water tight within a matter of a few weeks! :) Inside, 1st floor levelling continues (pic 4n). Completion of the steel work on the East Wing (pic 5n) means steel erection now to focus on the North Block. On the roof of the West Wing, dismantling of the tower there has commenced (pic 6n).

21/03/14: As can be seen significant exterior changes are now in progress with the first phase of the steelwork, for the additional new 3rd floor, now erected – pics 1m & 2m. Scaffolding on the East Wing  is now being removed (pic 3m). Inside, the Ground Floor has now been completely skimmed and levelled throughout (pics 4m & 5m) and on the 1st Floor, as some areas here need partially skimming too, old flooring is being dug up (pic 6m) – this is from where you might be hearing some pneumatic drills at present! – and then re-levelled (pic 7m). There are a number of old water down spouts that are routed through some of the concrete support columns and these are being now exposed and replaced by new, modern piping (pic 8m) – there’s so much ‘under-the-bonnet’ stuff that also takes place with such a development!!! At front, the black damp-proof membrane for the windows and walls is now being put in place along with the cladding rails and window angles that are to hold the respective items in place – pics: 9m/10m/11m.

14/03/14: Steelwork that had been expected to arrive this week re. new level had to be slightly delayed due to additional, unexpected prep work needed on roof. Removal of facia boarding around top being undertaken (pic 1L) too, with steel now scheduled (along with heavy-duty crane!) for arrival early next week – it’s a big week next week! :) At front, preparation for new windows/cladding continues, with pics 2L&3L clearly showing the new concrete boarding now in place in the window spaces in anticipation. Pic 4L shows concrete now laid re. main entrance porch. Inside, a mock heating/air-con unit is being put in (pic 5L) to give all an idea of what these units will be like in situ – there is to be one of these units under every window!

07/03/14: Work continues on the rooftop (pics 1k,2k&3k) in preparation for the commencement of the building of the new floor level that is to start very shortly on the top. In fact, steel is due to be delivered next week, along with the arrival of the large, heavy-duty crane that is to hoist the steel in place. Previously mentioned concrete now laid (pics 4k&5k). Inside too there is quite a bit of activity on the ground, first & second floor levels – pics 6k,7k&8k respectively). All new conduits can be clearly seen now on the ceilings and it’s worth noting that cement boards are now being put in the window areas (pics 6k&7k show) as preparation for the actual new windows. All windows at front now removed – pics 9k&10k. Finally and as a result of the recently documented meetings, information is now available on the support and events that Dambro & Conlon are jointly contributing and participating in to do with the wellbeing of the locality and environment :) – info can also be seen on front boardings by main road (pic 11k).

28/02/14: Dismantling of the rooftop towers is underway (pic 1j) with concrete due to be poured in the coming week into the previously mentioned prepared grounds for the new external staircase, lift shaft & front canopy area (pics 2j & 3j). Low-level brickwork around the whole building continues (pic 4j) as does removal of the old windows (pics 5j & 6j). Took another pic (7j) to show the whole building at front again reflecting how the work continues at a rapid and ever changing rate (plus I thought the morning sky looked great this morning!)!

21/02/14: Scaffolding is now being erected around roof ‘towers’, ready for their demolition as a prelude to commencement for starting the extra new floor level (pic 1i). Pics 2i & 3i show the near completion of the groundwork for the external staircase and lift shaft respectively. inside, the uplift of the ground-floor ready for its new one has been completed, along with some low-level brickwork (pic 4i). Externally at front, brickwork along with removal of the old windows, has now commenced as preparation for the application of the new external cladding which will quickly transform the whole look of the building once it starts being applied (pics 5i & 6i). I took a new large external pic (7i) at the front as this helps to show how rapidly things are moving along – note new flag too!!!

14/02/14: Building supplies now coming in, with external brickwork now commencing, along with drainage work together with continued prep of external walls for the cladding rails (pics 1h & 2h). At front, preparation for the main entrance canopy continues (pic 3h). Inside, the large task of taking up the whole of the ground floor nears completion (pics 4h & 5h).

06/02/14: Keeping the site as clear as possible is always a priority (Pic 1g & 2g). Pic 3g shows the end of the previously, partly demolished wing being now prepared for the rails that the external claddings will be fixed to. The previously reported ripping up of the ground floor is now being undertaken in preparation of the laying of a new, perfectly level replacement floor.

31/01/14: With the site now becoming increasingly busy, a clear pedestrian way has been marked out for safety – pic 1f shows the new ‘caged’ walkways at rear. Pic 2f shows the piles now being done for a new lift shaft. Pic 3f & 4f show all piles now put in (& prepared) at front for the main entrance canopy.

23/01/14: Piling has now commenced around the building. Pic 1e shows one of the first piles (on the left) which will eventually support an outside staircase. Pic 2e shows workmen having to remove part of an original concrete foundation that is getting in the way of further piling. Inside, fire-stations are now being placed around the whole building (pics 3e/4e). Pic 5e shows the ground-floor – the whole of this floor is to be dug up in the next couple of weeks to be made true. The pile shown at the front of the building (pic 6e) actually has been sunk 11m! This will help support the new entrance canopy in due course. Flags are starting to be hoisted (pic 7e) – all present and correct Captain Mainwareing!!!! Boarding around the whole of the development is now completed (pic 8e).

15/01/14: Things are really now starting to get ready to happen! Pic 1d below shows that the drainage investigation, around the rear of the building, is now completed and filled in. What this picture also helps to visualise, is that preparations are now starting to take place regarding the addition of a further new floor that is to go on top – basically, the present white columns that you can see will be extended upwards to accommodate this floor. Pics 3d & 4d shows this preparation also inside on the top floor, where you can see a square has been cut away at the top of each column so that the builders will be able to then drill probes so that they can exactly see where these columns are in relation to the roof above to allow new columns to be built on top! Pic 2b shows the support ‘cages’ (for cabling etc) are just about in place on the First Floor. At the front of the building (pic 5d), the foundations are being exposed (you can see the concrete pads that the columns rest on) in preparation for the building’s external cladding that will be put in place and that will start to totally transform the external look.

09/01/14: My first update for a very exciting NY of development through to completion! So, since my last post, the perimeter boardings have now all been erected by Conlon and are presently having a lick of paint (pic 1c – just hover your mouse over the pics to see the numbers by the way!). Pic 2c shows that now at the rear the building has been made totally secure, with work now getting fully underway both externally & internally. Externally, the drainage is currently being investigated to see what can be kept and what will be needed (pic 3c). Internally, each of the floors are now being prepared for extensive work, that started with such things as each of the floors’ contours (i.e. the amount of undulation!) being very carefully measured so that they can be then made absolutely level – pic 5c shows the results of the ground floor’s (4c) results (red = amount of ‘height’ over the norm / blue = amount of ‘dip’ – might have that the wrong way round?!!!). Pics 6c & 7c show the ‘caging’  & supports being fastened to the ceilings – these will take all the cabling etc in due course. Fascinating stuff!

19/12/13: Before development starts properly in early January, for preparation a large trench has now been dug around the back of the building that is to accommodate the foundations for the exterior cladding that is to be erected – pics 1b-4b show this. Right from the start of the development, there is to be a lot of interior work taking place and as you can see from pic 5b the markings have already been laid out on the floors for where the separating interior walls are going to be put up. Pics 6b&7b show the previous entrance has now been removed and the ground is now being prepared for  the new entrance’s foundation. Pic 8b shows the main Portakabins, for the site workers, are now in place – couple more still to come in! Over the Xmas & NY break Conlon are to erect all the perimeter, security panelling.

06/12/13: Well here’s my first ‘development stage’ posting – all will be getting properly underway in January but here’s 3 images showing currently what’s happening. At present, Conlon (main contractor) are preparing the site for a number of Portakabins to accommodate their day-to-day staff that will of course become a constant feature until expected completion of the project in October next year. For example, the large trench that is currently being built (see image 1 below) is to house the mains cable to provide power. Conlon are also carrying out some exploratory, fact-finding at the moment and pictures 2&3 show the digging next to the building itself to look at the existing foundations (if you look carefully you can see three of the existing concrete ‘foundation pads’ in image 3) to assess what else might be required. Exciting times and I will be now making weekly visits/posts to keep readers updated!


Christian Allen Photography

Gallery 1 – Demolition

Gallery 2 – Development

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