Open forum…

On Friday, 14th February local residents were invited to Jubilee House to meet with Gordon, site manager, Conlon Construction and Damian Broughton, MD of Danbro. A great open forum and an opportunity to voice any concerns the residents might have.

Gordon gave a brief update on the building works and confirmed that the cladding was due to start going up at the beginning of March.  There would be some noise but that the site would try to do what they could to keep this to a minimum.  All works going well despite the bad weather and Danbro are on track to move in over Christmas 2014.

A few questions were raised around the following:

  1. Landscaping – Gordon confirmed that once the building is complete the immediate area surrounding the building would be landscaped.
  2. Apartments – these would not be built until Jubilee House is finished.
  3. New entrance/access to Jubilee House – concern was raised about the possibility of a new entrance to the site which residents said would impact the through-road on the Breakers development. Damian confirmed that this is not the case.

Everybody seems extremely positive about Jubilee House and it was great to see the residents, Conlon and Danbro working closely together.

The tea and cakes were good too!  Thanks Gordon.

See you all soon.