Goodbye 2013…hello 2014!

As 2013 comes to an end we can see just how much work has gone into the changes at Jubilee House.  As well as the demolition of sections of the building there have been plenty of internal design decisions made as well.

We’ve been looking at things like flooring samples for different areas within the building, bathroom tiles, “piano key” staircases and bottomless bins!  And we’re also working in conjuction with the Brothers of Charity on the design and layout of the new canteen/kitchen.  This will be a spectacular building to work in!

We know that 2014 will be another busy year with lots of choices still to be made but we are getting there. Thank you so much to everybody involved in the project and for keeping the building on track for an end of 2014 move.

Please keep the ideas and suggestions coming in though!