Food, glorious food!

We are so lucky that with the new design of the interior of Jubilee House comes the opportunity to build and develop relationships and to try something new.  With this in mind we’ve been looking at our options for the new employee canteen (still to be named…I feel a competition coming on!).  We’ve recently met with Ann and Richard from the Brothers of Charity organisation to see if we can work together in partnership, to operate and manage our employee canteen, as part of a social enterprise scheme.

The Brothers of Charity is an organisation whose vision is to provide a range of services to people with learning disabilities which support their individuality, choice, rights and dreams.  The social enterprise scheme ensures all people have opportunities to learn, develop and lead their lives as independently as possible and that everyone is treated with equality, dignity and respect.

They run a similar project at their coffee lounge and bakery, called Roccoco in Leyland and at the White Bear Marina Café in Chorley.  If you get the chance please check them out as their menu is lovely and the food is fabulous!

It also means that their gorgeous, delicious and stunning home-made cakes will be produced on site at Jubilee House…just as well there’s going to be a gym!