Current progress…Jubilee House Site Information Notice Board

Here’s an update on current progress from Conlon:

  • Demolition of existing roof structures should be complete in the next month (sorry for the noise!);
  • We are still working hard behind the scenes on the new design of the envelope cladding and 3rd floor steelwork.
  • The erection of the steel on the roof will be done in 5 phases, working from east to west.
  • We have commenced Phase 1 of the steelwork and will progress the other phases during the coming month.
  • The envelope cladding rails and window angles along the building adjacent to the road has commenced.
  • The damp proof membrane for the walls and windows with be stitched in place next month.
  • Cladding and window installation is programmed to follow thereafter.
  • Inside the building new floors are being laid and work continues on the electrical and mechanical infrastructure.

For more information speak to the Site Manager, Gordon MacKenzie/Kevin Meadows or contact Conlon’s head office on 01772 335268.