About the project

Jubilee House is a development project being lead by ourselves Danbro, a local accountancy services provider, with plans to convert the former Land Registry building in Lytham into our new headquarters.

We acquired the 77,400 sq ft Jubilee House in 2012 and received unanimous backing from planners to create 60,000 sq ft of office space and 20 high-specification apartments. We will also modernise the exterior of the 1960s building, with the 18 to 24 month work schedule set to begin in September 2013.

Once the Jubilee House renovation has completed, we will be offering up to 30,000 sq ft of office space for rent. We are extremely passionate about doing business in Lancashire. Given the excellent location, high-quality office space and ample parking offered at Jubilee House, we are confident we can attract some fantastic businesses to join us in our new premises.

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The move will also enable us to continue our own growth, creating more jobs in the local community, and unite the functions of our three current offices under one roof.

Engaging with you, the local community, during the process is really important to us, especially with the building being an iconic feature on the Lytham landscape. We hope this blog provides a step by step insight into the progress and careful thought being put into the development.

Our investment will breathe new life into the building. By diversifying its use and creating both office and residential space, the project has broader potential to turbo-charge the regeneration of Lytham and create jobs in the local area.

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44 thoughts on “About the project

  1. We should like details of the apartments in this development please. We have just put our penthouse on the market and would be very interested in seeing what is planned. Many thanks in advance, Peter Allcock.

    • Dear Mr Allcock,
      Thank you so much for getting in touch and registering your interest in the new apartments. I will be in touch with you shortly to take some details from you. Many thanks.

  2. A travesty of the original Land Registry Site apart from the hideous building was the ‘relocation’ of the Lytham Green Path/Walkway. Are there any plans to ‘reinstate’ the Green Path/Walkway to join the Green and the recent excellent walkways along Lytham Quays back together? The Land Registry made a token gesture that was neither child & disabled friendly / accessible to anybody at times of adverse weather. The new building looks excellent, it would look even better with Lytham Green alongside it rather than a reminder of the buildings ugly concrete days.

    • Dear Mr Marsden
      Thank you for posting a comment on our blog.

      As we understand some of the contribution made by Danbro will be used to improve the steps and walkway around Jubilee House and down to the foreshore. Fylde Borough Council will be updating both the current signage and carrying out some maintenance of the existing footpath. New signage and handrails will also assist with directing people with prams and those in wheelchairs around the front of the building and up through the breakers.

      I will post more information when I can.

  3. Thankyou Andrea. It seems a lost opportunity IMO. The original route was understandably too close to the rear of the Land Registry but to reconnect the Green pathway necessitates a genuine pathway linking the Green from the Windmill to the new footpath alongside Lytham Quays. If DANBRO and FBC were determined to keep the pathways beyond the ugly concrete wall then the mass of hardcore being removed via demolition could have been utilised to create extra land at the correct height for the pathway. Directing people to the main road pavement defeats the object of the Lytham Green Walk. I think for Lytham, DANBRO HQ, a regenerated Scruples Site and a reinstated Lytham Green Walk are important in developing Lytham for the future.

    • Dear Mr Marsden

      Thank you for your comment.

      The foreshore is part of a nature conservation area and a flood plain. The formation of a hardcore path on the foreshore would have implications for the wildlife value of the area and would also raise flood risk issues; all of these would need to be carefully addressed. The issue of a boardwalk, which would have significantly less physical impact upon the foreshore, was considered with planners at the application stage but was ruled out due to the likely impact upon the nature conservation interests and also because the foreshore was not owned by FBC, meaning that the Council and Danbro would have no control over this area. The most appropriate solution was considered to be the enhancement of the existing coastal path with clear waymarkers directing the public to the alternative dry route via Lytham Quays and East Beach. The waymarkers together with benches and information signage along this route have been agreed with FBC and Danbro has agreed to contribute £20k to provide these improvements. The informal foreshore route remains available during dry conditions and provides an alternative to the dry waymarked route. The development of the site by Danbro will result in significant improvements including visual enhancements, economic regeneration and job creation. During the recent occupation of the site by the Land Registry there was no public route through the site and this will not change as a result of Danbro’s development. The development will not result in any losses, only gains.


      • What a wasted opportunity this is not to have a continuation of Lytham Green through to Lytham Quays. Given the significant improvement this could / should have been it is a pity this has not been realised. I understand the points you put forward, but believe these could have been worked around if interested parties had the determination and foresight to make such improvements. Pity such a compromise has been agreed.

        • Dear Mark,

          My apologies for the delay in coming back to you.

          I appreciate that the agreement made may not be everyone’s ideal solution but we feel that the changes that have been agreed and committed to offer significant improvements to the current situation. With our contribution Fylde Borough Council will improve the access down to the foreshore path and provide an information board to not only highlight the alternative ‘dry’ route for when the tide is in, but detail information on the significance of protecting the estuary shoreline and it resident plants and wildlife.


  4. Hi,

    Please could you send me any information you have on the apartments? I’m looking to buy in the area.


  5. Hi

    I am concerned about the parking provision at your development. I understand that you have provided approx. 130 car spaces for the office workers, yet I understand that Danbro employs more than this number and has plans to increase this.

    Bearing in mind that Danbro only plans to occupy approx. a third of the office space, where is it proposed that the remainder office workers will park?

    I anticipate that you will state that some workers will walk, cycle, car share and use public transport but this is likely to be a small proportion of the overall workforce.

    I am concerned that the cars will overspill onto surrounding residential roads.

    Fylde Borough Council have ignored this important aspect of this development.

    I look forward to your response.


    • Dear Derek,

      Thank you for your post. We do understand your concern and we want to reassure you of our commitment to ensure that all our employees (as well as others that may work in the building) are sensitive to the concerns of local residents and respectful of their need for on-road parking.

      As you mentioned we do have the expected travel plans about car sharing, cycling, and use of public transport so I won’t bore you with the details. Needless to say that we are already looking at ways of incentivising employees to use alternative modes of transport in order to keep the need for parking spaces to a minimum. I accept that this may be a challenge as we grow but we are determined and prepared to get creative to achieve our aims.

      Lastly, it is Danbro’s intention to initially occupy two thirds of the space, with about a quarter being available to rent on a medium term basis (up to 5 years) and the remaining space being available as ‘incubator’ units for social enterprises, charities and micro business on flexible terms.

      Please keep in touch and should you encounter any problems after we move in please do not hesitate to let us know and we will endeavour to work together to resolve them.

      Kind regards,

      Helen Broughton

  6. Hi

    We are very interested in one of the apartments. Please would you be able to send some information over?

    Kind regards

    • Hi
      I’ve made a note of your details and as soon as available I will forward details regarding the apartments to you.
      Thank you for contacting us.

  7. Hello

    I am Interested in the proposed apartments – please send details when available. Thank you.

    • Hi Chris / Andrea
      I have been down to Planning office at St Annes and viewed all details in respect of plans, I am disappointed that a common sense approach to providing a continuous pathway from Lytham green through to the new pathways at the boundary of the Redrow estate could not be achieved. It is a missed opportunity !!!

      I would welcome some details however re the apartments as I would be very interested in the future of buying one having lived in Lytham all my life, I consider these apartments will be unique , modern and a significant improvement against those previously put to market by both Kensington and Redrow .

      The outline drawings and prints look fantastic and i would wish to be at the front of the queue when the apartments are put to market. Indeed a preview of apartments plans to be built would be a useful start noting plans at the St Annes Planning Office are not user friendly.

      Are the apartments to be marketed directly or via a local agent ? I will provide further details of contact on receipt of a reply email, look forward to your response. TCF

      • Hi Terry
        Thank you for your recent comment on our Blog.

        Danbro has contributed financially to the improvement of the coastal footpath which is continuous during low tide and an alternative route around Jubilee House will be more clearly marked but any changes or further development of the footpath is the responsibility of the Fylde Borough Council (www.fylde.gov.uk).

        We’re delighted you have expressed an interest in the apartments. It is highly likely that they will be managed by a local agent in 2015, however, I have kept your details on file and will send further information when it’s available.

        Once again, many thanks for your interest.

        • We are interested in the development of the building for office and apartment space .
          Please can you keep me informed of all developments for both.
          We are a growing small business and this would combine work and home together.

  8. Hi

    I’m interested in the apartments that you are building but don’t really know much about EDG Properties who I believe are building them with Danbro?

    I noticed on the EDG Website it says that they want to maintain their excellent reputation which they have gained in providing a wide range of impressive, imaginative and unique properties. Can you tell me which other developments that EDG have built so that I can have an idea about workmanship and build quality, as apologies, but I have never heard of EDG Properties before.


  9. Hi andrea could you please put me on your list for the purchase of one of your apartments I would be interested in a penthouse if possible regards terry hall

  10. I would be grateful if you could send details of the apartments being sold when there’s information available.

  11. I would be grateful for information on the apartments for sale as and when it becomes available. Could you please add my name to any list you may have for them.
    Thanks much appreciated

  12. Andrea please do not take this the wrong way and I am sure you will disagree but you are not interested in Lytham bar as a location for Danbro. You simply offer excuses re the reinstatement of the Lytham Green which even Kensington and Redrow have managed to achieve. Forget, we gave the council a few £s to widen a tarmac path and that we expect the elderly and children to walk on a coastal footpath that is saturated and waterlogged more often than not or they can defeat the whole object of Lytham Green and walk in front of our building and a yard from a busy main road. It smacks of pure self interest. Are you seriously suggesting it would not have been possible to put the walkway at the far extreme of the Land Registry plot? The Land Registry ‘stole’ a public footpath which is not your fault and you are not bothered but your alternatives are not viable. You could have rid the Lytham seashore of the ugly carbuncle that is the horrid concrete boundary wall to the plot.
    I am beginning to have serious concerns you do not have sufficient parking space for your employees. How many parking spaces are you creating? How many parking spaces are required and going to be created for the Apartments (many of whom will be multiple car owners)? How many spaces are required and going to be created for the token ‘community’ rooms?
    Just as an aside? Why did you not simply demolish the whole building? expense? the existing building has to be inferior to what can be constructed today, environmentally? If people buy apartments, are they getting part of an ageing, crumbling concrete eyesore infrastructure?
    In my opinion, any company that wants to be part of an area needs to commit to helping make that area, Lytham in this case sustainable in the long term and that extends beyond saying we will create X jobs many of which are already taken and merely add to traffic congestion or relocate adding to housing demands.
    Danbro seem interested in Danbro and to hell with Lytham and anybody else.

    • Dear Mr Marsden,

      Thank you for your interest in our blog.

      It is regrettable that the compromises made have not appeased your disappointment in the decision not to put a public footpath through the property.

      I would like to point out that the apartments will be a complete new build and that ample car parking will be provided for residents and their visitors. The office parking provision also meets the requirements of planning and, as reiterated at the recent coffee morning with local residents, we will work very hard to make sure all our employees parking requirements are met within the site or that suitable alternative arrangements are found.

      I would hope that over time your other concerns are alleviated by seeing what we do rather than having to believe what we say.


  13. Thank you for your reply Andrea. Sadly it never will as the Lytham Green footpath will not be reinstated which is a huge negative in ensuring a sustainable future for Lytham. It is a missed opportunity which reflects poorly upon the council for not displaying more ‘backbone’. Danbro will no doubt be very happy. Long term I am not sure Lytham will be.

  14. Hi Just a comment on the concrete wall.Originally the wall was going to be white concrete,but the Lytham Civic Society objected to the colour saying it would be too glaring,so the Land Registry spent about 15k to have the concrete dyed a marine colour so it would blend into the landscape.personally I don’t think this was a bad solution. Regards Chris

  15. Hi, Do you have an approximate date the building will be complete and what interest from companies you have had regarding the office space?. I live locally and I am interested of future, local employment oppertunities.

    Kind Regards

    • Hi Darren
      My apologies for the delay in coming back to you. Danbro will be moving into Jubilee House end December 2014 beginning of January 2015. Other companies have expressed an interest in the office space but if you are looking for career opportunities can I suggest you check out our website http://www.danbro.co.uk or drop me your CV. Many thanks.

  16. Chris whatever colour the concrete wall was and is, it is downright ugly. The Green Pathway should have been reinstated with a more tasteful and fitting perimeter boundary. The Land Registry ‘stole’ a public right of way. Danbro have no interest in righting a wrong. Token PR exercises only convince the gullible.

  17. Please can you send me details of the apartments 3 bed or 4bed penthouse if you have .
    S Newby

    • Hi Susan
      Thank you for expressing an interest in the apartments at Jubilee House. As soon as the details become available I will send them to you.

  18. Can you please send me details of the apartments as soon as they’re available?

    Many thanks


  19. Hello

    Firstly, as a Lytham quays resident I am very impressed with the redevelopment of this building

    The report in the Gazette mentions a gym within the building. Will this be for staff only or will it be opened up to the local community?

    If open to the local community – any rough idea on timescales


  20. Hi,
    I am a mature 50yr lady wanting to relocate to Lytham from Ilkley Leeds .Please can you inform me of any apartments you have to rent please ?

    Kind Regards and Happy New Year
    Heather Green

  21. Hello Andrea

    Please can you let me know if you are selling apartments off plan and when they will be ready to occupy? I would be interested in possibly purchasing say two to make into one larger apartment.

    Kind regards


  22. I expressed interest in the apartments at the rear of Jubilee House I note on the website it was part of a 5 year plan. Can you tell when the apartments will be marketed and when building will commence. I am still interested
    Pat Fielding

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