Our Fantastic new Flag!

Conlon Construction is already flying a flag at the Jubilee House site but the honour of designing a special flag for Danbro fell to local children.   Lucy King, six, charmed judges with larger than life birds, bees, butterflies and dog walkers, against the backdrop of Lytham windmill. Jubilee House flag (1)

“The windmill is famous so I included it,” Lucy explained. “And lots of green for grass. Dogs really love Lytham Green so I put In a dog walker and quite a big dog. I have a cat but you don’t see cats on Lytham Green.   “I will look up and see the flag flying and say – I did that.”




Spencer Unsworth, 10, Anya Jackson, 7, Emily Turpie, 10, and Alexandria Matthews, 9, also won praise for colourful creations.

Some more gorgeous designs!

Some more gorgeous designs!

Prizes were presented at school assembly by Helen Broughton, co-founder of Danbro.

Helen, director of people and standards, said: “Lytham Hall Park came up trumps and we had a number of great designs. It took us ages to choose.  The panel chose Lucy’s design because it was fun, bright and clearly depicted Lytham Green life. We want our employees to be part of that life when we move to Jubilee House.

“When you look through the eyes of a child things are much simpler and that perspective can provide the clarity we so often need in our busy lives to help us make the right decisions.  At Danbro we want everyone to have a good balance between home and work, fun and hard graft. For us that flag outside our office depicts the best of both worlds.

“The flag now blows happily outside Jubilee House championing our cause – to make life there great.”