“Love our Estuary” Days – a great event

A fabulous time was had by all at the Love our Estuary Days held on Sunday, 25th and Monday, 26th at the Windmill in Lytham.  A great turn out and an opportunity to have a quick look inside Jubilee House.  Charlie Conlon joined in the fun as well.

The Grand Opening!

The Grand Opening!

Damian and Helen Broughton opening the Event!

Damian and Helen Broughton opening the Event!

You could see how much work had gone into organising this event with contributions from Friends of the Estuary Coastal Care Group, River Ribble Trust, Futurescape and Crafts, RSPB, Lancs Wildlife Trust, Shark Trust, Sea Watch Foundation, the Coastguard and many many more! Check out the local press for more information or Friends of the Estuary website.

A chance to play and have fun.  And the weather was lovely too!

Looks like fun!

Looks like fun!

See you at the “Love our Estuary” – Open Days (25th/26th May)

The “Love our Estuary” open days are being held over the 25th/26th May and Danbro’s very own Helen and Damian Broughton will be at the Old Lifeboat House (near the Windmill in Lytham) on Sunday, 25th May at 10.30 am to start proceedings!  Come and join us…everybody welcome!

Friends of the Estuary Coastal Care Group working with others to celebrate The River Ribble, Estuary and its Wildlife.

There will be contributions and displays from: Friends of the Estuary Coastal Care Group, River Ribble Trust, Futurescape + Crafts, RNLI, Coastguard, Nature Watch, RSPB, Lancs Wildlife Trust, WLT Living Seas, Shark Trust (Monday only), Sea Watch Foundation & Lancashire Lepidoptera

There will also be the opportunity throughout the two days to have a look inside Jubilee House.

Supported by Charlie Conlon of Conlon Construction and Danbro

S E E    Y O U   T H E R E !!

Blackpool & The Fylde College students visit to Jubilee House

Recent Student Visit to Jubilee House

Recent Student Visit to Jubilee House

Blackpool & The Fylde College students made a recent visit to Jubilee House (they’re all working towards a joinery qualification), where they were given presentations (in a specially set up ‘Safe Zone’!) on all aspects of Health & Safety and the ‘behind-the-scenes’ workings on a building site. A tour of the site then followed.

Friends of the Estuary and Charles Sear Visit to Jubilee House

It was a beautiful morning (Wednesday, 14th May) when we headed off to Jubilee House to meet with the children from Charles Saer Primary school from Fleetwood. Armed with our displays boards, shore search, shells, and of course not forgetting Litter Lilly, we set up our stall in one of the large buildings, kindly helped by Conlon. We did not have long to wait before the mini bus arrived with lots of smiling children from various classes and ages all very excited to see what the visit would hold.

We did a talk about Friends of the Estuary, our aims and objectives and the effects of litter on our wild life.  We also looked at the different shells and egg cases we often find on the estuary. Lilly helped with her shopping basket of litter and the children guessed how long the litter would take to degrade in the marine environment.  We also showed them retro litter that had been found on the estuary including an old bottle discovered by Andrea on our joint Danbro litter pick day.

We made the most of the sun shine and headed off to the estuary and down to Lytham windmill and the old life boat house and anchors, followed by a nature walk on the way back. The children were wonderful, collecting litter and egg cases. However, the visit soon came to an end and we waved them back off to school.

Site visit...all those invovled...put your hands up!!

Site visit…all those invovled…put your hands up!!

Thank you to Danbro and Conlon for making the visit possible and for being so accommodating and to the amazing children and teachers from Charles Saer primary school.  We hope you enjoyed the visit as much as we did.

We hope to see you all again on the 25th and 26th May at the “Love our Estuary” open days at the Old Lifeboat House (near the Windmill), Lytham.  See you there!

Friends of the Estuary, Coastal Care Group, Lytham.

Another great meeting…

Yesterday the Danbro Design team met with Gary and Ann from the Brothers of Charity and Helen from a company called, Harmony, regarding the layout and design of the kitchen, servery, canteen and coffee shop area…all progressing really nicely.

There’s so much to think about when designing a kitchen but whilst it was quite a long meeting it was extremely productive (and I learnt a huge amount about the different types of cookers/fridges and freezers available!).

It’s going to be fabulous when it’s finished.

What no AirCon?

This is a picture of a mock-up of the heating and cooling system that will run around the office perimeter in Jubilee House.

Aircon unit (and shelving)

Aircon unit (and shelving)

As you can see no space is wasted…we will have shelves in-between each unit.  Not only that but I’m sure we will make good use of the deep window sills!

Another great coffee meeting…

our thanks to Gordon, site manager, for organising another fabulous coffee morning at Jubilee House last Thursday. Representatives from Conlon, local residents, Friends of the Estuary and Danbro were all there.

As usual it was a very open and interesting forum with a brief presentation by Gordon and Damian, MD of Danbro, highlighting the building developments and changes going forward, with a question and answer session at the end.

Everybody seated!

Everybody seated!

Damian Broughton, MD, Danbro

Damian Broughton, MD, Danbro

Lin, from the breakers, also expressed her thanks (on behalf of the residents) to both Conlon and Danbro for communicating to all parties what was happening, keeping everybody in the loop.

Lin from the Breakers - representing the local residents

Lin from the Breakers – representing the local residents

These open coffee mornings are great with a fabulous turnout…and at the next one there could be a tour of the building.   Contact Gordon at the site if you would like to attend a future meeting.