Conlon and the Community

Yesterday, (26.02.14) Michael Conlon, Managing Director & Chairman of Conlon Construction Ltd, visited the Jubilee House site to take the opportunity to introduce himself and meet those directly involved or possibly affected by the development.

Michael, together with the site manager, Gordon firstly met representatives of the local residents to listen and address any possible concerns. 

Michael, Gordon and local residents

Michael, Gordon and local residents

Conlon prides itself on being a part of the ‘Considerate Constructors Scheme’ and to this end, the company was grateful to resident, Lin Davies for being interviewed in support of the continued registration of the Jubilee House development in the scheme.

Lin talking to Michael from Conlon Construction

Lin talking to Michael from Conlon Construction

Michael also met Meg Green and Michelle Stannard, of the ‘Friends of the Estuary’, to listen to possible concerns and views and to offer the Company’s support and help in respect of the surrounding local environment. 

Conlon Construction will Sponsor the “Friends of the Estuary” at the up and coming  events “ Love our Estuary”, “Joint Litter Pick” and “Lytham Bloom” and provide the group with embalmed high vis vest and protective gloves.   

Meg and Michelle from "Friends of the Estuary" talking to Michael

Meg and Michelle from “Friends of the Estuary” talking to Michael

Open Forum…great turnout!

As you can see from the photos taken at the recent coffee morning held at Jubilee House we had a great turnout.   Lots of questions asked and Gordon, site manager, confirmed everything was going well (despite the recent storms).

Gordon, site manager, taking centre stage!

Gordon, site manager, taking centre stage!

Gordon and Damian referring to the site plans.

Gordon and Damian referring to the site plans.

Conlon, Danbro and the residents all working closely together.

Gordon and Damian




Open forum…

On Friday, 14th February local residents were invited to Jubilee House to meet with Gordon, site manager, Conlon Construction and Damian Broughton, MD of Danbro. A great open forum and an opportunity to voice any concerns the residents might have.

Gordon gave a brief update on the building works and confirmed that the cladding was due to start going up at the beginning of March.  There would be some noise but that the site would try to do what they could to keep this to a minimum.  All works going well despite the bad weather and Danbro are on track to move in over Christmas 2014.

A few questions were raised around the following:

  1. Landscaping – Gordon confirmed that once the building is complete the immediate area surrounding the building would be landscaped.
  2. Apartments – these would not be built until Jubilee House is finished.
  3. New entrance/access to Jubilee House – concern was raised about the possibility of a new entrance to the site which residents said would impact the through-road on the Breakers development. Damian confirmed that this is not the case.

Everybody seems extremely positive about Jubilee House and it was great to see the residents, Conlon and Danbro working closely together.

The tea and cakes were good too!  Thanks Gordon.

See you all soon.

Rainwater cladding…approved!

Tuscan Red and Pearl White.

Pearl White and Tuscan Red.

We submitted the final choice of materials for the external elevations to Fylde Borough Council in January 2014.  The Planners approved these timeously which enabled the materials to be ordered to meet the construction schedule.

The approved colours for the rainwater cladding are Tuscan Red and Pearl White (see samples in attached photo).  These colours are consistent with the original colour scheme for the refurbished and extended building as designed by Manning Elliot Architects, as shown in the banner at the top of the page.  The cladding was specifically selected to complement the colour and texture of the traditional brick materials of Lytham.  The materials will greatly enhance the building of Jubilee House and bring it into the 21st Century in a way that is sympathetic with its surroundings.

Update from Jane Fox, Fox Planning Consultancy

Jane Fox, Fox Planning Consultancy

Jane Fox, Fox Planning Consultancy