Introducing Andy and Gordon..

Meet Andy (standing) and Gordon!

Meet Andy (standing) and Gordon!

During a Jubilee House visit yesterday we got the opportunity to meet with Andy and Gordon, from Conlon Construction and who are responsible for the site.  We were extremely impressed by how organised and tidy everything was and there was even a 3d drawing of the steelwork structure to show us.

After donning our hi-vis vests, hard hats and boots we then took a tour of the building – it’s amazing how quickly it’s changing!

Andy and Gordon made us very welcome and even made us a brew so we’ll definitely be back!

Getting creative with our social responsibilities

The wellbeing of our staff at Danbro is really important to us and we have been thinking of ways in which to endorse a healthy lifestyle whilst at work.  As well as the usual healthy snacks in the canteen we are looking at other ways of helping everyone to stay healthy.

One of the more popular ideas is to make using the stairs more appealing to get people walking up and down rather than using the lifts.  For example: making the stairs a piano as seen on, putting a ‘mood board’ on the walls, credits and prizes for those who use the stairs the most and having an interactive game that can be played on the way up or down.

Whilst some of our ideas may struggle to come to fruition on health & safety grounds we think it’s a great way to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle!

2014…here we come!

Happy New Year!

2014 is going to be an exciting year and it’s full steam ahead from Monday, 6th January 2014 with everybody returning back to work (including the construction industry).

Watch this space for further updates and please check out the “Gallery” to see some fabulous photographs as Jubilee House changes.