Choices, choices, choices !

3. Photo - architects - samples 30.07.13

Adrian and George surrounded by building samples

We are now at the stage of having to make some decisions on the materials we are going to use on the building.  Adrian and George from architects, Manning Elliott, are guiding us through this process and one of the first things up for discussion is the building facade (the material used on the external of the building).  We are currently narrowing down the options and will update you soon…

Say “Cheese” !

Christian Allen - Jubilee House Photographer!

Christian Allen – Jubilee House Photographer!

We are really keen to capture the history and development of Jubilee House so we’ve enlisted the help of Christian Allen, a local photographer.  Here are a few words from Christian.

“I have already fully photographed and catalogued the whole of the old Land Registry building ‘pre-development’ and am to now photograph and record the development as it progresses through to eventual completion. I will also try, in conjunction with the pictures I take and publish, to post a regular ‘layman’s’ narrative of the development as it happens so all our blog readers have up-to-date information as it happens. I was thrilled to be asked to photograph this exciting, local development and look forward to watching & recording it come to fruition in 2014!”


Christian Allen Photography